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Beijing Sino-Loi Info Consulting Co., Ltd.

A Leading Business & Legal Translation Provider


We are a leading business and legal translation provider in Mainland China, and has long been engaged in translation for large projects around the world, including Singapore, the US, the UK, and the HK. The members of our translation team are master degree holders at least with translation experiences over ten years and they are experts in English language with rich knowledge in finance and economics, law and IT and high level of Chinese language skills, most of whom are multi-disciplinary academic degree holders with experiences in overseas study, living and work. Our senior proofreaders are PhDs of law, English language and economics respectively with their translation level well recognized in business circles and among clients. 

   Each of our translation works represents our dignity, and focusing on quality rather than quantity, we have always been taking initiatives to make every of our translation works a highly reliable masterpiece in such timely manner as requested by clients.

Tel:  (8610) 65678863                       Mobile: 13621167483

Email: webmaster@eastwestlaw.com            Contact: Mr. Zhang and Ms. Ding



      Financial statements, property valuation reports and auditors’ reports for the Big Four accounting firms

   Due diligence reports, aviation financial leasing series, investment, financing and legal documents of famous international law firms and investment banks

  Real estate contracting, construction and decoration documents

  Petroleum engineering, contracting, exploration, and investigation documents

  Automobile manufacturing, designing, sales and claim documents

  IPO prospectuses, registration statements, public notices, M&A documents and material contracts for overseas offering of banks, telecom operators, insurance companies, petroleum, printing, mineral, foods, and land companies in the US, HK and Singapore

  Marketing and training documents, technical solutions and specifications, manuals, agreements and plans of famous IT companies

  Custody series of worldwide famous custodian banks, fund prospectuses, and all document concerning securities investment funds, asset and investment management companies, and PE funds.

  Translation service provider for CCH, LexisNexis and other famous publishing houses, mainly engaged in translation of legislation and academic papers

  Translation service provider for CSRC, Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange, completed translation of full set of rules and regulations of US securities law and full set of handbooks of US COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION in 2011

  Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Fundamentals of Securities Regulation (totaling 1,500 pages by Louis Loss; Joel Seligman; and Troy Paredes, a SEC Commissioner), Comparison and Practice of Fund Laws in US,UK and China, and the Latest US Companies Legislation and Practices of Internal Control (including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002), published by Law Press China, the last two of which have been recommended as a translation bestseller by LexisNexis, a worldwide leading legal and business service provider, as well as UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, BVI Business Companies Act, 2004, and Cayman Islands Mutual Fund Law 1996 (revised in 2007 and 2009).

   Outlook of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in the Context of the US Financial Crisis (including translation of the whole text of the act).


Language Bridge for Legal and Finacial Exchange

Between China and the West

  This site is a first choice for timely and accurate legal and financial translation services, and established by professional from universities and research institutes, as well as a prestigious translation company, it has become a robust bridge for exchange of opinions, papers and works between Chinese and foreign scholars and academicians in law, financing and economics.

  Its core services and products are as follows:

  1. Translate and regularly promote on this English site workshop speeches, papers and works of Chinese scholars and academicians in law, financing and economics. It is robust tool for Chinese scholars to go popular around the world, as well as a showcase for the outside world to understand and study Chinese scholars and their opinions and academic achievements.

  2. Regularly introduce on the English site foreign authoritative achievements together with core papers and works in law and economics, some of which are translated into standard Chinese and published on the Chinese site. As a value-added professional source, it is a precious reference to research for Chinese scholars, as well as a good friend for study of professional English.

  3. Complete translation and compilation of a robust bilingual database of China laws and regulations in Chinese and English, including full text of more than two thousand Chinese laws and regulations at state and local levels, which is increasingly enriched from time to time. Please log in and enjoy your time.

  4. Translate documentation concerning big projects of international business as a trustworthy partner for transnational companies.