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Eastwestlaw is a top translation service provider specialized in legislation and legal documents, banking, securities, insurance, contracts, financial statements, regular reports of listed companies, bidding documents, IT solutions, academic papers, as well as localization of various websites.

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About Us


  In economic and financial globalization, international economic law is becoming the focus of legal theories and practices. Eastwestlaw, a site of international law closely related with current economic and financial progress, is coming to the demand of legal research and professionals, which is a must assistant to scholars and all those involved in consulting, world economics, finance and management. Especially, its Legal and Financial Translation Center is the mainstay of the site, which is jointly sponsored by three professional translation agencies and faculties and scholars of Wuhan University and CUPSL. From the very beginning of its inception, this site boasts a large authoritative bilingual Chinese legislation database in both Chinese and English.

Unique Advantages

  Eastwestlaw boasts uniquely unparalleled advantages. Its long-term cooperation relationships with courts, prosecutors, legislative agencies, world famous law firms, schools of law at home and abroad, as well as research institutes provides a robust academic and research team, thus guaranteeing the accuracy, timeliness and authoritativeness of the information and research and academic works it provides.

  Another advantage of Eastwestlaw is that it boasts a professional translation team of high-caliber experts, with accumulation for years of vast volume of translation version of legislation, mainly Chinese legislation and that of native English nations. For materials required or provided by clients for translation, we guarantee delivery of quality and efficiency translation services within twenty-four hours, if requested.


  Since its inception, Eastwestlaw increasingly enriches and perfects its content. Our goal is to become a world-famous bridge for Legal Exchanges Between East and West, providing the public with legal research documents at home and aboard, becoming a media for Chinese legal scholars to promote their academic results around the world, introducing into China the advanced legal results of the world, and increasingly perfecting the largest retrieval center of international economic law.


  Site content presented in bilingual versions of English and Chinese.

Columns in English Version

  Translation Service: Translation of materials requested or provided by clients;

  Legislation: Translation version of all Chinese legislation;

  Scholars: A platform for promotion around the world of legal works by Chinese legal celebrities, with a complete database of legal papers and works of Chinese legal celebrities;

  Works & Papers: A platform for world legislation, legal papers and works, mainly related to international law, together with translation version in Chinese of some of their core results presented on the Chinese site, as well as excellent cross-disciplinary results of law and finance selected and collected from various nations.

  World of Translation: A world of selected state-of-art translation works for your learning and study of English, as well as a platform for promotion of your works.

  WTO: Research results of WTO, as well as core official documents.

Columns in Chinese Version

  Same content as English Version Below.
  Various forms of cooperation are welcome. Those who want to promote their results, works and even themselves on the site of Eastwestlaw, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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