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Eastwestlaw is a top translation service provider specialized in legislation and legal documents, banking, securities, insurance, contracts, financial statements, regular reports of listed companies, bidding documents, IT solutions, academic papers, as well as localization of various websites.

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Our Team


    Eastwestlaw, a site of international law closely related with current economic and financial progress, is jointly sponsored by three professional translation agencies and faculties and scholars of Wuhan University and CUPSL.

Bilingual Legal Database of China and the World

    From the very beginning of its inception, this site boasts a large authoritative bilingual legal database of China and the World, which is compiled and translated by scholars and professionals, a crystallization of our long-term efforts. This robust database is our core products, which is our going concerns from time to time.

Versatile Quality Translation Force

    One of the unique advantages of Eastwestlaw lies in its professional translation team of high-caliber experts. For materials provided by clients for translation, we guarantee delivering professional translation services of high quality and efficiency within any twenty-four hours, if requested. A pillar to support the existence of our English site.

Celebrity Team

    Since Eastwestlaw is a professional site devoted to Legal Exchanges Between East and West, it aims to provide the public with legal research documents at home and aboard, thus facilitating Chinese legal scholars to promote their academic results around the world, and introducing into China the excellent legal research results of the world. Therefore, the first issue is to move the obstacle of languages before exchanges and communication, and the key is to rely on a robust elite team as a going concerns. As a prerequisite, Eastwestlaw has established such an elite team, who are all versed in English language, one of its working languages, as well as in law, together with outstanding achievements in corresponding fields. Some of them are financial experts and engineers. In addition, we have established long-term cooperation with various information sources. All those combined together are our fountainhead, a guarantee for our everlasting success.

    Among numerous team members, a few are listed as follows:

Shengchang Wang Doctor of law, Vice Director of CIETAC, Vice Head of CCC Legal Division, Lecturing Professor of UIBE, Executive director of China Private International Law Society, Member of International Commercial Arbitration Commission, Advisor of AAI Dispute Settlement Research Global Center
Haicong Zuo Post-doctoral research fellow, Professor of Wuhan University Faculty of Law
Guo Feng Doctor of law, Associate Professor of Wuhan University Faculty of Law
Jianhua Xiao Doctor of law, Professor of CUPSL, Research fellow of Procedural Law Research Institute
Fu Cao Doctor of economic, financial engineer
Hongfu Dong Layer, CPA, Certified asset appraiser, Certified tax advisor, Research follow of Beijing Administration of Foreign Exchange Control
Qinghui Zhan Chief CPA and certified asset appraiser